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Smelly? Really!

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Unconscious Bias or Blatant Racism?  

I've tried to ignore this as we all make mistakes! But there's a very strong subtext behind this message! Is this another example of the gap between what an organisation says it values and what is considered the norm? When this message was being typed, where was the cultural awareness? When it was being printed, where was the respect for cultural diversity? When it was being placed in a prominent place for all to see, where was the cultural sensitivity?

There's a way to communicate that conveys a clear message without offending. Inclusion isn't about convincing everyone to fit in with the majority, but respecting, appreciating, and celebrating each other's uniqueness. Inclusion is not UNIFORMITY, but UNITY!

Although I'm not a communications expert, I believe it would have been sufficient to say, "No food allowed in the library space!" Behind every action, there is a motive that whispers and an intention that shouts. I heard this one loud and clear! I hope there was some deep reflection and lessons learned.