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The Diversity MOT

What’s included?
How do you know if you, your team, and organisation is fit for the Diversity journey? Our Diversity MOT is a thorough assessment of your leadership and organisation’s DNA. Key components includes: -

A Cultural Competence Self-Assessment:

Helping you and your team discover and understand your cultural awareness by exploring values, beliefs, strengths, and areas for growth. This assessment focuses on diversity from different perspectives and is a key part of your Diversity MOT experience.

Cultural Competence Debriefing with Teams:

An insightful debriefing session exploring the subtle complexities of cultural interactions, questioning traditional norms, and expanding perspectives on the nuances of inclusive values.

Action Planning for Sustainable Change:

Transforming insights into action through bespoke action planning aligned with your organisation’s vision and mission for Inclusion.

Accountability Model:

Sustaining momentum to ensure ongoing commitment to diversity is a continuous journey. We provide tools and frameworks to track progress, measure success, and adapt strategies as your organisation changes.
Assess your fitness with our Diversity MOT. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how our Diversity MOT can help transform your diversity challenges into business opportunities.

"Diversity Fatigue is a constant reminder that change takes time and effort!”



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